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    I cant tell if this works or not. Is it compatible?
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    Off topic here. I have a T600

    Does syncall really work? I did hard reset today & did a hotsync ... my phone was exactly the way it was b4 I did that hard reset. Everything was back to normal.
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    Yes it works. I have been using it since I got my Treo 650 in January. I had used DSyncALl with my old Plam V. I hotsync several times daly at work. Bout once a week, when everything is table, I syncall and then Hotsync three times. This seems to work very well. \Upon restoring after a hard reste (fora risky test) I found 100% of my data to be backed up (including preferences).
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    Ok guess I'll keep syncall and use it once a month or so.


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