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    I wouldn't have as much of a problem with it, but everytime I press the phone, menu, button or whatever triggers it I hear it double, instead of once. It's like it's a glitch. Anyone else have this problem?
    I remember this happening on my old treo as well, but wasn't sure why it did that.
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    Ya I had the same trouble on the 600, now the 650. Some times I get up to a triple echo, cl-cl-click.
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    I know this only addresses the symptoms and not the problem but you could try 'suppress keyclick hack' with YAHM. That will get rid of all key click sounds.
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    I just turned mine off using System->Prefs->General->Sounds & Alerts->Application->General->System Volume= Off
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    Interesting, I went into megalaunchers sound manager and turned off the "category change" sound and the double clicks stopped. Theres just the normal single click now.

    EDIT: Still getting the double click sometimes when going from launcher to phone. But the bouble/triple click when changeing categories in now just a single click.
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