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    I found the program shuffler through this engadget posting

    Shuffler -

    It basically monitors your computer for a removable drive (ie an SD card and randomly copies music over too it). I am using it now.. seems to be working great.
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    cool app, thanks for the info
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    Wow-- this is great-- really great for podcasts!
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    Now all we need is a shuffle skin for Pocket Tunes. ;-)
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    looks like updates come every few days
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    If only the Treo sounded half as good as my ipod

    Cool app though!
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    if only my ipod sounded half as good as my creative nomad

    i'm trying this out with a relatively huge library and i'll see how it fairs... i've got a 1 gb card and i've got 90 GB of music to choose from... i'm hoping it doesn't crash
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    That's bogus! That doesn't even come close to emulating the Shuffle. You have to paint over the screen with some white paint first. :-)
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    Neat idea. I had another one, maybe it has already been discussed, or rejected as impossible. Much as some apps can make the Treo appear as a USB drive, would it be possible to create an app to make the Treo appear to be an Ipod or at least an Ipod Shuffle to Itunes? I use Itunes to organize and play my music on my desktop, and I would like to be able to send playlists straight to my Treo's SD card, and work like it does with the shuffle. (yeah I already know I couldn't play the AAC files, most of mine are mp3)
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    Hehe...glad you like my app. I'm hearing back from everyone with a MSC device that Shuffler works for them. Glad to hear that you're reaping the benefits of my programming endeavours.

    I too have a 90+ gig library of files. It takes a while to load up all the filenames but it does work.

    Make sure to get the 1.03 version as this one deals with merge/remove properly as most people with podcast demands have been requesting.

    If Shuffler makes your life a little bit easier, donatations are welcome! :-P


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    Would you add back the Quota as opposed to reserve. I currently use a 2GB sd card and want to keep about 500 megs worth of songs, about 100 for palm programs, and the rest (1400) for movies. I do not always have movies on there so the reserve functionality does not exactly meet my needs.

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    This product is great. Is there also a way to have it display the progress of the transfer, the way Windows tells you how much estimated time is remaining? If not that, then at least displaying the name of the folder and file currently being transferred would be helpful. That way one would at least know if they have to wait 10 minutes or 30 minutes before they can head out the door
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    I dropped the quota because too many users were confusing it as a 'reserve' value. I guess it wouldn't hurt to have both a 'reserve' and a 'quota'.

    The reserve value though will take presidence when space is running low.

    As for a countdown...that wouldn't be hard to implement.

    Keep watching the homepage...I'll post a new build in the next few days with these.


    ADDENDUM: I've re-implemented the quota feature and will post this tonight in the 1.05 build. Reserve is evaluated first, quota second.

    Timers will take longer as I have to take into account exisiting files, import time, reserve and now, quota values. :-p
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    ninodelsol: It already does name need to have Verbose enabled.
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    Hi Sean -- is this name display supposed to be during the file transfer? I thought the verbose setting referred to the level of detail in the log file because I have verbose selected yet do not see any information displayed while copying (other than a "copying" status if I mouse over the Shuffler icon in the system tray)..

    I was looking to get the file name displayed during the transfer, but that was if the timer/progress thing wasn't feasible. Sounds like you are working on the timer though, which I much prefer anyway.

    Thanks for your help and efforts.
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    Verbose mode enables file name display *during* transfers...the log file contains all file transactions regardless of this setting.

    The timer thing is gunna take some time...maybe a week or so due to my busy schedule.
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    Gotcha -- cool, thanks.

    So where is this displayed? Is there a small window that displays this information during the transfer? I am somehow missing this. Let me know.

    Thanks again!
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    A bubbletip is displayed just above the shuffler icon in the systemtray.

    It looks similar to this:

    If you have Verbose enabled but no bubbletip is displaying during the sync process, let me know.
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    Yep, I have verbose enabled (I have not done any transfers with verbose disabled) but no bubbletip has ever displayed. Anyone else experiencing this?
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    Ohhh....the bubbletip is only Win2000 and XP and better.

    Anything else doesn't get bubbletips.

    I guess for the next release I can make a progress window...
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