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    Hmmm...I'm on XP, yet no bubbletip....

    Thanks for looking into this.
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    Version 2 of Shuffler is coming soon and I have added a progress dialog to it that will display transfer speed and time remaining information. Check the site later this week for a possible beta posting.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFizzel
    If only the Treo sounded half as good as my ipod

    Cool app though!
    Actually, I've found the audio output on the 650 is pretty good. It all depends really on the quality of headphones you're using...
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    Just to say what a great app this is, and I have just donated - rare for me!

    I was even thinking of writing a Python script to sync the podcasts I had downloaded with ipodder with my treo but shuffler does this better than I would have ever done.
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    Wow, this IS great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention
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    Just a quick note.

    It will soon be possible to use Shuffler with Windows Media Player to any MSC device.

    I just wrote a WMP playlist exporter tool that works great with the current v.2 of Shuffler.

    I still have to write up the docs and post the files but basically, you can export any playlist from WMP prior to a shuffle INCLUDING the *auto* generated ones (like 'Favorites -- 4 and 5 star rated', etc). You can then reference the playlist file with Shuffler.

    More on this later.

    If you don't have v.2 of shuffler, get it from:
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    The Shuffler is pretty cool, but let me see if I understand how Treo users are using it. I can select my iTunes folder and have the shuffler randomly select songs from my library, but it doesn't make the Treo show up as a device in the actual iTunes interface. Am I missing a trick? Ideally, I'd like to see my Treo show up in iTunes just as my iPod does so I can easily use iTunes to move playlists onto my Treo.
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    sshrum, just want to report that version 3.01 might have a bug: when I set the Reserve value to 16 - should be in megabytes - the actual space reserved was 0.16 MB. Tried setting value to 16384 but it still only reserved about 242 KB.

    Decided to downgrade to v2.02 in which Reserve appears to be working.
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