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    I own a Sprint 650 and Cingular 650. I'd like to sync both on the same computer with the same user name (so that all the software tied to my user name still works). So far, just the Sprint one is set up for that, using the Sprint CD.

    Can I do this? I'd be content just to have one of the Treos be the "master" - it would be the only one I'd sync. For the other I'd just have the desktop overwrite the handheld.

    The issue is, I guess, does the desktop know what kind of Treo you have? If I HAVE to, I could use a different computer for each, but I really don't want to. But, even if I do that, I only actually have the CD for the Sprint one. [It's a long, but legal, story.] Another sort of workaround is to tinker with that change user name program (whose name I've forgotten)

    I know could beam stuff over to the Cingular one, but when the updater comes out for it I'd like to be able to do that.

    So, again, the first real question for me is if, other complications aside, can I use the Sprint desktop CD for my Cingular 650?


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    I think as long as your HotSync names are the same you should be fine with your plan. The only thing HotSync cares about is the device name, as far as I know.
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    Thanks for responding. I do wonder why Palm cautions about syncing with two units with the same user name. Logically I don't see why there should be a problem. But, again, to be safe, the Cingular one will be the "slave" - assuming/hoping that the desktop does not care if the unit is pcs or gsm.
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    Hotsync the PIM like address, calender and others won't be a problem at all. I do not know the other detail part.

    I've done that and I have no problems at all. In fact when I synced my cingular phone after the sprint one, all my features (e.g. speed dial, favorite buttons and all other similar info from my sprint Treo) was automatically transferred just like that to my cingular Treo.
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