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    I am so glad that cingular has openly given unlock codes out. (jelious alittle too!!!!)

    But there are alot of people here who do not have a banded phone from cingual/AT & T but foprm others.

    why is it taking so long to get a program/hack to unlock there phones, i do not understand. There is a demand for it... yet nothing.

    I have a phone from rogers and they are asking 250.00 to unlock the phone. (talk about anti-customer service ).

    So can anyone help us 'poor' people????

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    ...this is just a guess, but maybe noone has figured it out yet...

    just a guess though

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    and it is frustrating to say the least. I see people here taking about how they phoned and got the code... i wonder if that fact they can get the code for free, may be delaying others from developing the software to unlock. And that was my reasoning behind the post, to let everyone know there is a market out there to do this, and it is probable worthwhile.
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    In one of the other unlocking threads, one person posted that he could unlock a 650 for (I think) $50. Can't vouch for his bona fides, but it might be worth your while looking for that post.
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    It is up to each carrier to decide whether or not to give out unlock codes. Cingular does. But for AT&T users, their system is not set up to generate the codes. It is not clear to me if the algorithm is the same for all carriers or not (I've seen the question asked before, but not answered.)
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    The algorithm is the same, but it uses two seeds - the IMEI of the device, and the carrier's unique code - which is why, when you go to an unlocking site for other phones, you have to specify which network you are currently locked to.
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    What do you need to unlock a phone ? just the MSI ?

    if so i got a good trick to get yers - let me know
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    ok i will bite?

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