I just bring my OMIZ back to store (due to poor echoing sound from the other side) and upgrade to a Jabra BT800.

and I have a few questions here to ask, not sure if it applies to every BT headset

1. whenever I switch the Treo 650 BT off, I need to re-pair the headset again?
2. If I keep Treo650 BT on and switch off the headset, the next time I switch on the headset I dont' have to re-pair again.
3. as I use the headset for both Treo650 and my skype application, need to find out the most convenient way to switch between skype and Treo650.
p.s. from the manual the Jabra can store up to 8 BT settings, so I guess it shoud work with multiple bluetooth devices simultaneously?