When getting email form a pop3 account, versamail aborts getting email on my Treo 650 with 2 different error messages. Sometimes I get error #1 sometimes #2
#1 "error retrieving message"
#2 "message to large"
When it aborts, I click GET again and it aborts on another message with #1 or #2. It does get all the messages, but not all of the body info.

I tried this with a GPRS connection and with a Bluetooth connection Treo>BT>PC>DSL>ISP
To get some 30 messages, it may abort 10-15 times.

I found a kind of work around: first getting all the headers, then selecting all messages on the Treo and then 'get message' form the menu to get all bodies. That works, no aborts.

Any help appreciated. For example are these messages stemming form the ISP or from Versamail?