I want to be able to sync my Treo with Outlook and have it backup to the Palm Desktop as well. SwitchSync can do this, but since I was having all these OLERR errors and having a horrendous time attempting to sync my Outlook 2003 calendar, I installed PocketMirror to try and alleviate some of my issues.

I don't like PocketMirror because (a) it seems to take FOREVER to sync and (b) it won't let me backup to Palm Desktop.

Is there a fix for these Outlook Calendar issues people seem to be having? I've read a lot about it on the forums, but no serious 100% fix. I've installed that 1.02 Palm updater and tried various recommendations such as turning the phone off during sync, removing "Show Next Calendar Event" on the phone app, etc etc.

Could someone please help???

Thank you!!