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    Hey everyone...

    New guy here with a question... How do you make a Word document private just like the Memos? Would I need a separate application? If so, please point me in the right direction.

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    Not sure, dont think it can be done...why do you want to make it private?
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    That's to bad... It's more of a curiousity. I do have important word documents that I'd like to be kept private though. The files that I would like to be kept private would be business related materials. If you know what I mean...

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    The Memo application has the option of masking or hiding your memos marked private. When masked they're then password protected and the title greyed out. That's what I use for things like banking records, social security numbers, etc.
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    Yeah... rambo47, I use the Memo application too as well. It's just that the Memo is'nt well suited for lengthy documents as word is.
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    You could use applock it would make the entire app locked as apposed to one document though
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    Anyone have any experience with Applock? I did a search for this application and didn't see anyone with a 650 using it. But, the 600 people who are, are having some glitches.

    Any other suggestions...

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