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    So I just got a used 600 off of ebay, and I must say I'm quite impressed with a lot about the 600 and rather bummed about other stuff.

    In a nutshell, I like the feel of the keys, the brightness of the screen, the sound quality of the phone, and the 5-way jogger thingy. But the resolution of the screen really *IS* awful (I thought all the resolution-complaining on here was just from whiney power-geeks... mea culpa ).

    So now I'm wondering: Would I really see 4x the data per Blazer Web page on the 650 vs. the 600, or would I just enjoy a much sharper image?

    Thanks in advance for cluing me in to what's likely a basic issue.
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    In Blazer, you would see 4x the data for images, but you would not see more text unless you switched to "small font" mode.
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    Ah, thanks, OscarC. So I'm curious, then... in apps in general (mail, avantgo, calendar), is it easy to see a lot more data than on t600 screens? Or, by changing the fonts to "small" is the text practically unreadable?
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    some apps you get a lot more (e.g. web browsers on small fonts, tho it makes clicking with your finger harder, or the "year view" in the 650's calendar); most of the rest of the apps just look better, i.e. i don't get a lot more text in mobipocket, but it's crisper.
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    I don't know if this will help or not...

    This is a screen shot of your post the way it looks on my screen with my 650. Used pdareach, don't know any other way to get a "true" screen shot, but it will show you what it looks like or at least how much will fit on the screen in small font. I am not sure if the 600 has the small font option or not...

    I find that the smaller font is readable for me, but i have young eyes and run my laptop at 1600X1200. so the small font is fine for me on the 650. If you want an example of Versa mail (small font) or SEVEN mail (no small font option on SEVEN) i can post one of those as well, or calender.
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    I use the smallest fonts available in every app, but then again I run my laptop at 1920x1200, so YMMV.
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    oscarc, you must have eagle-eyes! :-)

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