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    I need a second calendar for my Treo 600 . I still want the original but need need an additional Calendar .
    Is there a software that you can reccomend ??
    I think Datebook replaces the original calendar , right??
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    Not sure what you're trying to do. Do you want seperate calendars in order to keep seperate data? Or are you worried something like Agendus or DBk will erase your current original app?
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    I want 2 separate calendars . I want my work appointments on 1 calendar and home appointments on the other. My work calendar is loaded with patient info . My home calendar I want to share with family for common appointments.
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    I have a realestate specific contact management and appt book. My palm calander is left untainted by the entries. There must be something similar for your profession. Gold mine is customizable for any profession, but its a little pricey.

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