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    in file manager, i created a "family" directory for family pictures in my sd card's dcim directory. then i noticed i already had one called "fam" how do i delete a directory? i can put the thing in a card adapter and do it on my computer but there HAS so be a way of doing it from within the app, right?


    ok i see that i can go into the media app and "manage albums" and delete it there. but while i was nosing about in my sd card i saw a couple of programs i had moved there that i am no longer interested in and i'd like to delete their whole directories as well. so i am pretty sure i can uninstall them or something of that nature using an unistall utility but isn't there a way to just delete directories from within the file manager section of zl? you can create them pretty easily i would think it would be easy enought to delete them as well.
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