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    The last month or so whenever I have tried to install a new program or do a hotsync my T650 has seemed to get stuck on the hotsync process. It seems to be working but I have left it for almost 2 hours and it doesn’t finish. I then have to manually abort the process. Any new programs are installed ok.It seems to happen when syncing “Media” files.

    y question – what are media files? What program do they relate to? Photos. I deleted most of them but it still happens. I have now programmed the 650 to do nothing with media files but I would still like to know what I am not hotsyncing.
    But someone may also know the answer to the cause of my problem or remedy also ?
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    Pictures, video, usually in the DCIM folder of the SD card and My Documents\My Pictures\palmOne Photos

    Large video files take a long time to transfer via hotsync.
    Cingular GSM
    Firmware:01.51 Hardware:A

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