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    I don't usually use the keypad on the screen of the Treo 650. So I just noticed this.

    If I press 0-9 on the Treo hard buttons, Takephone dials my correct speed dials, actually ERTDFGXCV0. These are mapped to letters, since that is how the Treo 650 uses them.

    If I press the softkeys 0-9, on the screen of the Treo 650. 2-9 are mapped to actual speed dial position numbers, rather then the hotkey for them on the Treo 650.

    This isn't a big deal, but I wasn't expecting them to be different. Is this on purpose?
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    You're right.
    Havent noticed that.
    The original idea was for other phones (without keyboard).

    Well - I will have to think what to do - afraid making them work as you suggest may confuse people...
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