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    i just switched to a Treo 600 from a Motorola V710.
    the V710 was thought of as having the best reception of any Verizon phone and it was STELLAR.

    but so far i'm having issues with my Treo.
    I drop ALOT of calls in my apartment where i've never had problems, and I honestly don't usually see more then a bar or 2 next to the "martini glass"
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    make sure you have all the updates... *228s and whatever with your treo. I also believe it depends on your location... was the m-v710 digital and analog? I believe the treo is all digital.
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    my Treo is currently software Version 1.04
    will updating it fix this?
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    I don't known... I don't even own a Treo

    I don't even have a palm at this point... T5 sold on eBay this week.... I do have verizon service and looking for a Treo... worried about reception and the fact you have to get a data plan just to check emails.... might switch to sprint at this point...

    This thread can help you about the update:

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