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    Everytime I get a voicemail I get the little icon on the phone app screen but I also get an alert that I have an SMS indicating that I have a new voicemail and I also get an alert about the voicemail itself. How do I stop the SMS and / or alert?
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    Cingular Treo 650
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    Rogers (Canada)
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    Try unchecking Show Message Alerts in Preferences->Sounds & Alerts for Application-> messaging?
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    I'll give that a try. Thanks.
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    Any idea what the difference is between "message alerts" and "receipt alerts"?
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    I am on rogers and have the same annoyance.

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    It's annoying as all crap. I've turned of the message alert but now I'm thinking I won't get an alert that I've got any sms which is actually something the alert is useful for. Ideally I'd like to just have the little mail icon, no SMS of new voicemail only(and no accompanying alert), and no alert for the voicemail itslef. I can see the little icon, it's right there on the screen, don't need anything else.
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    Yup, that didn't work. still getting all the indicators.... anyone have any other ideas? anyone, anyone, Bueller?

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