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    I am having problems loading my 1 gb sd card with MP3s for ptunes. I get maybe 2-3 albums on , then i transfer my card to my treo 600 and it crashes and everything on my card turns to jibberish symbols, i reformat my card and start over.

    i try 1 album at a time, and check it after each one, but i happens everytime, after i get 3-4 albums on, regardles of what they are.

    The card is less than a 1/4 full.

    I really want to use my treo for music.

    any thoughts?
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    Try this sequence:
    1. format the card in the computer
    2. format the card in the Treo
    3. give the card a name in the Treo
    4. copy files to the card using your reader

    Does it work ok now? If there are any errors during/after formatting, the card is bad.

    If above fails, get an application called Palm File Browser, also called PFB. It'll let you copy files to/from Treo via USB, etc.
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