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    OK, I asked this before but in a different way.

    I need to keep everything on my treo and only sync work items on my work PC and all items on my home PC.

    I cannot use PocketMirror pro XT , I tried, for two reasons:
    1. it filters your sync based on items in outlook so it will only not sync items in outlook to your treo it will not filter items on your treo going to outlook.
    2. it is not compatible with 'Inbox to go'

    so....What will filter based on the treo categories????
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    Seems to me that the Palm software allows you to setup what you want to sync and what you don't. If you have the Palm Sync software on both machines, right click on the system tray icon and choose "setup." Turn on and off what you want - hit default to make sure it stays that way for more than the next sync.
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    He wants to sync specific categories from within his Calendar, Contacts, etc, not to select which of those databases get synched.
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    make a new .pst and make that what you sync to. that is whai I have done

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