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    I own a Treo 650.

    I would like to purge Versamail and replace it as my default email client with Snappermail. Snappermail would then show up when it had mail etc. It would also free a little space, which is much needed.

    It appears I cannot achieve my simple goal. Correct? Any help would be gratefully received.
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    Flash your ROM at/with
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    Versamail is in ROM, and as such cannot be deleted by "conventional" means. You would have to assemble a custom ROM that excludes Versamail and reflash your Treo, which is the Shadowmite reference. I believe it much easier to just move Versamail to the Unfiled category and ignore it.
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    Or Obfuscate it

    Obfuscate lets you quickly and easily hide ROM-based applications from your Launcher!
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    Thanks to all who have responded.

    The Palm OS uses Versamail in a couple of ways to show you have mail - such as in the opening display when selecting the phone icon. Simply hiding Versamail still leaves it lurking in the dark.
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    I went the Rom image route on my GSM Treo 650. Removed Versamail, its background service and all the Multimail (Versamail was Multimail, bought by Palm a few years ago) addins. Loaded Snapper into the ROM and I now have a lot more space for other neat apps! Shadowmites directions are not diificult, and the procedure works on Sprint Treo roms or GSM roms. I have been very happy with my de-Versamailed Treo!
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