First off I'd like to say thanks to the guys like Shadowmite who make this community awesome. I do not post much, but from reading what you guys wrote I was able to get my 650 kicking *** with movies, NES emulators, and the like. I am now the envy of all my nerd friends.

But, yesterday, after 5 months of 650 bliss, the earpiece in the 650 starting a "clicking" noise when talking to another friend on a sprint PCS phone. I did a soft reset, tried it again, still clicking.

I searched this forum as I have in the past looking for answers, and I can only find the "I sent it back to palmone" response. Is this what I have to do? No fix? What if I update to 1.08?

BIG QUESTION: If I have to get a replacement 650, when I hotsync the new one will all my apps, games, zlauncher, etc. go back on?

thanks to all who contribute to my issue, and to this site in general. Sprint has NO CLUE what goes on with these phones!

-Bryan Micon