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    I'm looking for a way to send e-mail to a distrubution list comprised of people in my contacts. What program supports this?

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    You sure aren't the only one hoping for this. Unfortunately I don't think there's anything out there that officially supports it. In SnapperMail you can do a workaround that involves creating a contact entry for each group, with the e-mail address consisting of all necessary addresses, separated by commas. Kind of clunky. Hopefully others on the forum have better ideas . . . .
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    I think the issue is the difference in the formatting btw contacts & what works as distro lists. Distro lists are fundamentally different from contacts, and that's the issue I think. Some corporate solutions (Good, Intellisync etc) allow you to do Global Address List - GAL - lookups but that only works if you have a server solution installed. A challenge for sure.
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    1. Go to the main phone app screen.

    2. Select an empty favorites button.

    3. Select email from the top drop down menu.

    4. Lookup the email addresses using the lookup feature.

    5. Give the favorite a name.

    6. Use it and have fun!

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