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    I couldn't wait any longer for a palmOne cradle, so I made one myself from wood: half-inch cherry with a clear laquer finish. (See attached pictures.) It is much bulkier than the official cradle, but it is also classier and matches my desk.

    It allows the syncing cable to run underneath and then up to the device. There's also room to connect headphones. The wings have holes for an extra stylus, and the base sits on plastic nubs to keep the cradle from rocking on an uneven surface. The left rail is cut short to allow access to the side button. The right rail runs all the way up to hold the device in place. Tilted at 30 degrees from vertical, the slant is sufficient to keep the device in place. The screws are counter-sunk and then covered with wood putty that will match the cherry as it darkens over time. No screws or puttied holes are visible from the front. I could have drilled a hole for the speaker phone, but chose not to since I always use my Bluetooth headset.

    While I am certainly no professional carpenter (it's an engaging hobby and diversion from my real job), I'd be happy to make more if there's interest. I have easy access to pine, cherry, alder, or maple. And I can finish with a clear coat or send unfinished so that you can stain to match your office furniture.

    I would probably charge about $100 for each (via PayPal) - less if the demand is large and I can make many at once. Send me an email; I'll reply to all with the final price ($100 or less, not including shipping) before I begin the work.

    Finally a disclaimer: don't expect furniture-grade woodworking. I'm competent but not expert. Seams are fairly flush and edges are mostly crisp, but not always. Further, this is not intended to be a money-making solicitation, just a way to alleviate communal frustration and justify my time in the shop after dinner to my business partner (who is also my wife).

    -Ted Ladd
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    very nice man
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    nice work
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    Can i buy one?
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    Very Cool! If the Treo had a smiley face on the front view picture, it would look like the Treo Robot!
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    Very nice craftsmanship...! I see there is a market for this one too...
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    I'm assuming you could sell it through IKEA
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