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    Ok I'm back and if you know me I've been slamming the Treo(mostly OS) lately and praising the PPC. Well I got my PDA2k and as I do like it I'm finding out the hardware on the Treo is the best. That exposed keyboard and the 5 way NAV are EXTREMELY useful for on the go. It's easier and much QUICKER to input appointments/calendar events and contacts on the Treo than to always have to slide out that keyboard on the PDA2k. Granted the web browsing, media experience and that nice little landscape mode on the PDA2K are nice, and it does feel more like a mini computer as opposed to a PDA, I've decided to stick with my Treo(and pray someone figures out how to install Magneto on it). So I won't(try not to) slam the ancient Palm OS anymore but I only have one gripe that is really urking me on my Treo.

    It's the returning of the keyclicks(system sounds) when you turn them off and they come back on. Turn em' off, play realplayer or pockettunes and they come back. I read a bunch of posts like this

    but there doesn't seem to be a fix. Does anyone know if it's possible to replace that keyclicks sound with a muted file? That way it'll never play again!
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    Quote Originally Posted by juice
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    Interesting.....I don't have realplayer as I trashed it in completing a Custom ROM but I do not get the same issue from Pocket Tunes. System sounds stay off...

    Oh, and welcome back in to the fold
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    do you have keycaps 600 installed? it was the culprit when i had the same problem
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    Quote Originally Posted by TreoFever
    Thanks alot! It worked.

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