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    Pluto is a new open source project consisting of a “Core”: a central media server to distribute movies, music and tv shows throughout the house; a home automation controller for lights, climate, pool, etc.; and a phone system with video conferencing. It also exposes a network boot for “Media Directors” so your PC’s can boot off the net as a media player, PVR and video conferencing set-top box without installing software.

    The remote control software, called “Orbiter”, runs on Symbian Bluetooth mobile phones as well as Linux, Windows and Windows CE devices like webpads and pda’s. They all feature cover art, interactive maps and floorplans, and let you control any device in the house. The UI is skinnable and multi-language. The mobile phone has a ‘follow-me’ feature so your media and other settings follow you from room to room. When you leave the house, it switches to gprs/wap. So the instant something happens at the house (burglar, doorbell, etc.) you get a live video feed, can control the house, and speak to the person through the stereos. It also includes a plug-and-play back-end for Squeeze Boxes, IP phones and cameras.

    Check it out at It’s already useable. If any of the PuppetMaster team would like to work with us on a bridge so PuppetMaster and Pluto can work together, or use PuppetMaster to control a Pluto media server, we have forums or you can email chris.m (at)
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    This sounds fascinating but for the fact that I don't see a Palm OS version available, which makes posting this at TreoCentral kind of pointless...

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