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    Well I took the dive into 1.23. And wow, talk about a headache. The install went fine, but it was once I tried to reinstall everything that the **** hit the fan. I tried using backupman, and when I reinstalled... I got soft resets that kept looping, then I tried the backup I had via Backupbuddy... same thing. So I then went to allowing the palm desktop just resync everything. kept resetting. Finally after 2 hours I went and re-installed all my apps one at a time just liek I bought the phone new and they all took.

    but now I have the prob of my phone turning off after the it idles like 10 minutes. If i set the phone down and watch it, after about 8-13 minutes it goes from a green LED flash, to a orange and when I turn the screen back on, the phone is off.
    Any ideas?

    I'm waiting till cingular releases their update, hopefully that'll solve this issue.
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    I jumped on 1.23 and have had zero problems on my unlocked Cingular unit.
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    ditto here...took the plunge to 1.23 and everything seems to be working well. I use to get random resets and haven't had any so far.

    I didn't even use a backup app...just performed a HotSync, then did a hard reset and then performed the upgarde...ran the hotsync after upgrade and everything restored perfectly, app registration info and data.
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    I did it yesterday and it breezed through with no problems at all. All the resets went as previously mentioned, and I used backup to restore my files and programs. Piece of I have to see what the differences are in the operation of the phone.

    After the change I did get 4 voicemails that I hadn't gotten before - that was odd, and the speaker phone is louder.
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    Glenn: you have nothing to lose... me, I'm waiting for the final release, since my 650 is behaving just fine (since it was replaced... not one reset or crash).
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    can someone throw me a bone and give me a link to 1.23?

    Also I know ppl with Cingular are instaling this, but what about Unlocked GSM phones? Is this still good for the unlocked Treo's?

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    I had updated to 1.23 before. However, at 1.23, I can never use the "Send" command to send files to my Mac via BT. Whenever I use the 'Send' command, Treo will reboot. Every app from Resco Explorer to Doc2Go to Memopad.

    Any other 1.23'ers have such a problem? I have reverted back to 1.15 and it's back to normal.

    I would sacrifice the extra RAM space for the BT file sharing functionality. Anyway, using an English only customised 1.15 ROM with removed Realplayer, Versamail and Quicktour. Quite comfortable with all my necessary apps inside with 9MB to spare.
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    please, can someboy explain or give a link where reading a guide for an upgrade procces??
    thank you
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    ROM (see link on this page):

    Note, these are for GSM phones only, if you have Verizon or Sprint, these are not for you.
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