I recently purchased a Treo 650 BlueTooth headset (as a result of a 15% discount for the contest last week). Anyways, I've received the device and honestly, I'm unimpressed. Primary because of the following reasons:

1) Whenever I try calling the paried T650+ BT Adapter, it may take 5-10 seconds for the BT headset to actually answer the phone (i.e. very slow to respond to the button press to answer the phone). By that time, the user has likely been re-directed to voice mail. Does anyone have a recommendation for this?

2) From what I understand the T650 BT Adapter is capable of voice activated dialing as long as the phone it is connected to supports BT v1.2. Unfortunately, our beloved T650 does not (only v1.1). Anyone beta testing some of these pre-release firmware updates know if BT v1.2 has made it into those firmware updates?

Without voice activated dialing, I'm trying to determine exactly why I bought this thing (aside from the coolness factor of no wires). My stereo headset adapter (from Seidio) offers far more utility at a much-less hit to the pocketbook. Can some one please convince me why the T650 BT Adapter is a good unit? Otherwise, I'm afraid it's going back. Even with the 15% discount, it just doesn't seem worth the $$$. I'm all ears!