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    Hey guys, sorry if this has been asked before (I DID do a search, but couldn't find anything)...

    I work in the medical field and as such, use many of the programs out there that allow access to drug databases and such. The problem that I'm having occurs when I try to use a program reader on the treo 650 to access a database on the sd card. The program will work for about 3 seconds, then the treo soft resets. This occurs EVERYTIME I attempt to load the data, unless I put both the reader and database on the main device. I have not tried putting both on the SD card yet.

    Is this a known issue? Something I should try to contact PalmOne about? Or is there a fix somewhere that might help me? Thanks in advance for any imput you may have! =) --Marc
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    You didn't mention which readers you're using. This way, you can either get some advice on troubleshooting or maybe there's a better reader.

    The general answer is that some programs (e.g. your reader) cannot run from the SDc, and may not be able to read files from the card. You'll have to leave it on the Treo.

    Try your idea, put both files on the card and see if it works.
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