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    Is there a map software that I can use without GPS? Where I can input the start and end destinations and it will give me a visual map and directions? As well as local things such as restaraunts, gas stations,etc..?? I just want software that I can use besides going on mapquest.
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    Mapopolis will do what you want, but (as I'm sure you know), it doesn't realize it's full potential without a GPS unit, but will do what you want (though Points Of Interests is kind of a PITA).
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    Delorme Street Atlas for Handheld will do that as well. Most any of the mapping software does that.
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    All of them work without GPS. Most of them have everything you want. But here's a great free one.

    It works with or without GPS and you can pick what POIs you want on your maps.

    Right now it can only work on RAM, but they say they are working on one that can use external cards.
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    john is there a demo of delorm?
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    ha, i was just thinking about this last night. I'll try the free version this weekend. Thanks.
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    earthcomber seems to only allow you to download maps of single cities, any freeware that will let you download a route map with directions?
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    Quote Originally Posted by stylez23
    john is there a demo of delorm?

    I have not looked for a demo. I have used Delorme for quite some time with my laptops and their GPS.
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    is activeX available for the TREO? I like the new feature on google maps, but it requires activeX...thoughts?

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