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    Just got the new redesigned clip type Seidio holster --> here

    The good:
    1) Very well made, solid tuff plastic
    2) This is the smallest lightest design you can get for a holster.
    3) Unlike other companies holsters this racheting swivel is low profile and keeps the phone close to the body.
    4) This swivel offers firm resistance unlike most others which reposition themselves every time an armrest taps them.
    5) The clip is connected to the holster with a metal rivet for an extremly strong hold and the rivet is positioned perfectly for a good balence in any position, vertical or horizontal.
    6) The design allows for egrips sides and back.
    7) Easy to place and remove the phone with one hand (what I love about bottom out first, release on bottom holsters is that that is they work in the direction the hand is pointed naturally. You can get a solid grip on the phone while taking it out in the easiest possible way).
    8 ) The contact spots are very smooth to protect the Treos finish.
    9) Headset port is accessible.
    10) The inside of the top of the holster is curved just right to keep it away from your SD card which prevents accidental ejections.

    The bad:
    1) If your shirt is untucked when placing the phone in the holster its likely to get caught in the holster, but you cant fault Seidio for that.
    2) If you sit in a snug seat, maybey a car seat you'll probably have to take the clip off your hip to be comfortable. The nice feature of say,,, for instance,,, a pouch case is that they are flat when the phone is out, so if you get in and out of the car a hundred times a day thats where a pouch case is nice.

    Also received Seidios new redisigned cradle type holster--> here

    The good:
    1) The top latch was reshaped with a rounder smoother design to protect the finish of the Treo.
    2) Allows use of egrips sides and back.
    3) That top latch sits in the perfect spot out of the way of the ringer silence switch and SD card, no chance of this case dislodging your memory card
    4) Also like the clip type the clip is connected to the holster with a metal rivet for an extremly strong hold and the rivet is positioned perfectly for a good balence in any position, vertical or horizontal.
    5) This holster offers a little more protection than the clip type since the corners are covered, however it is still a compact design.
    6) Its an easy one handed operation placing the phone in the case.
    7) Like the clip type this holster is made out of a strong, solid plastic, unlike the proclip which snapped in half and sent my treo to the floor.
    8 ) All the contact spots are as smooth as glass to protect the Treos finish.
    9) Headset port is accessible.

    The bad:
    1) Since this is a top release holster in which you place the phone bottom first you have to turn the hand at an awkward angle to remove the phone when in the vertical position. This is only slightly akward in the horizontal position.
    2) Again you have to be careful to not let your shirt get caught in the holster when placing the phone but my goodness its almost silly to even mention that.
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    Thanks for comments- going with the first one, non-cradle type.
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    Ya, that one is my favorite. I have owned:

    1) Sena skin case.
    2) & 3) Proclip for Treo 600 and another for Treo 650.
    4) Pacific Rim leather case.
    5) Another pacific Rim case that dosent seem to be for sale any more, looked just like this palm one case here click.
    6) Nutshell case for Treo 650.
    7) Boxwave skin case.
    8) & 9) The old Seidio cradle and clip types for T650.
    10) & 11) Now the new cradle and new clip types for the T650.

    Besides owning these I think I've looked at around 50 other cases and I'd have to say the New Seidio clip type is my favorite.

    EDIT: Adding link to my reviews of these 11 cases
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    The case I want.....

    I would like a magnet flip case with the following features.

    1. Leavs the keyboard accessable at al l times.
    2. Opens to the right.
    3. Has a transparent hard plastic cover over the scrreen when closed. Screen visible when closed but protected and can't tap on it.
    4. Hard transparent plastic screen cover should be user replacable. They will scratch and become translucent over time.

    Basically this one but made of leather, and with a user replacable hard plastic screen cover.

    I believe this design will sell like crazy.

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    I looked for one of those long and hard for a user on this board and it seemed like if a case has a flip or book style cover then there is never plastic covering the screen or keyboard.

    Now, having said the word never should invoke a contradictory response giving us the link to its existence
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    Just wanted to show the difference between the old Seidio cradle type and the new. Seidio did a great job at repositioning the clips for perfect balence and reshaping the holster to prevent accidental key presses. Also wanted to show everyone just how strong Seidio holsters are. And how weak Krussel clips are which is what Proclip uses.
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    Any idea what version the new one is? It's printed on a little white round sticker. I have version 6. Mine doesn't seem to have all the better features. I just bought it a week ago, and am considering trying to RMA it.
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    The cradle type says 06, the clipe type says 04. The major difference between to new and old clip types are that with the old ones it was hard to take the phone out. With the new ones its very easy to use. But you cant tell that from a picture so the most notable visual difference is the shape of their tops, see picture.
    The obvious difference with the cradle types is the position of the clip when turned 90 degrees as seen in the picture above.
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    Yeah.. The 06 must not be entirely the version number. Mine is an 06 also, but the belt clip on mine is positioned like the old style and the keyboard window is smaller.
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    Just reviewed the new redesigned Seidio pouch case.

    The good:
    1) Nice slick fabric liner inside the case to reduce resistance placing and removing the phone.
    2) The pouch is stiff so it holds its shape and doesn't flatten which makes slipping the phone back in the case easy.
    3) I don't like magnetic flap closers but I know many do because its easier to use and more quiet than velcro. I myself would never go jogging with one.

    The bad:
    1) The big lock release clip causes the phone to stick way out from the hip.
    2) Since this pouch uses a lock release clip there is only a small part of the case that is stabilized so a quarter of the time while taking the phone out of the case the bottom of the case tilts outward making it very difficult to remove the phone from the case.
    3) The lock release swivel used on this case if one of the cheapo types, not the good ratcheting swivels that Seidio usually uses, so the clip has a lot of play and moves around a bit while trying to put the phone in the case.
    4) The button on the lock release clip is very hard to press down. Its easier to just unclip the clip from your belt.
    5) Half the time while putting the phone in the case the magnetic flap catches the front of the phone, after awhile I got use to holding it out of the way with the thumb.
    6) The case is put together well but it is thin leather sewn to nylon fabric with some cardboard in the middle. Nothing compared to the quality leather of a Nutshell.
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    Seidio lets ditch the swivel lock release.
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    These cheap swivel clips drive me nuts.
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    A minor annoyance that I learned to handle. Just hold the flap out of the way with the thumb.
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    I took this case apart because I wanted to put a better clip on it and found out how cheap it was. Thin leather glued to a paper card and sewn to nylon fabric. Im sure thats how most cases are and they hold up OK under normal use but I'll stick with the quality of the Nutshell.

    Heres a link to all of my case reviews---> click
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    Heres the finisher product of 2 cut up Seidio cases. A low profile pouch case for a skinned Treo that sits well on the hip and is easy to use.
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    While the Seidios pouch case didnt do well I have to say Seidio is still for me number one for thier clip type holster. It is the smallest strongest easiest to use holster available. You just cant beat this for strength. Heres a link to this one. Seidio clip type
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    JPR, between the Seidio clip type and cradle type holsters...which one do you really like best? Do they cause wear and tear of top part of Treo over time? (Does the paint in the top area where the clip holds on to Treo wear off over time)
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    Quote Originally Posted by DocGo
    JPR, between the Seidio clip type and cradle type holsters...which one do you really like best? Do they cause wear and tear of top part of Treo over time? (Does the paint in the top area where the clip holds on to Treo wear off over time)
    Yes I am still getting reports from users that the Seidio cradle type holster takes the finish off the treo between the stylus and the ringer silence switch within the first month even with the hand polished contact spots.

    Almost any holster will take the finish off a phone after a while. Even the proclip wore the paint off the bottom of my T600.

    I perfer the Seidio clip type. I used it for 4 months with no wear and loved it. But I have since went for more protective cases such as Innopockets.
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    Okay, only had my Seidio holster for a few days but I love it!

    It's very sleek and keeps the phone close to my body and feels very secure.

    BUT, it has already taken off a little of the finish where where the release clip snaps on. Doesn't bother me at all, but I can see why it might matter to some.

    I've gotta get some egrips now that I see that I can put them on and still get the phone in the holster.

    Curious why they didn't put the release clip in the center over the SD card--could have given a firmer grip on the phone and secured the card....
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