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    Did you get the cradle typr or the clip type?

    cradle type?

    Clip type?

    Were you talking about having the release for the holster over the SD card? If so you probably have the cradle type and the release over the sd card sometimes ejects the sd card. This happens sometimes with proclips and with seidio clip type.
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    I have the cradle type. All of that research and I never knew there were two kinds! Except I wondered why the pics showed the much chunkier belt clip on the clip type.

    I compare them all to my Kyo 7135 holster that I absolutely loved. And to me, this is close enough, except it DOES stick me in the side a little bit with the belt clip. But I can live with that.

    Thanks for the info re the SD card. That would have driven me crazy! I hadn't thought of that.
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    I loved my Kyocera holster too. For that matter I loved the phone. I cant wait for the next best clamshell.

    The clip type comes out bottom first and the cradle type comes out top first. Thats the major difference between the 2. The card only ejects if you try to take the phone out the wrong way. I know it sounds crazy but some people try to take the treo out of the clip type top first.

    IMHO the clip type is easier to use and it dosent take the finish off your holster. If you email Seidio and tell them the cradle type took the finish off your Treo and you heard the clip type dosent they will probably send you the clip type for free.
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    Is the clip type holster really snug? I've seen some clips like that but not seido that leaves the treo kinda loose.
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    The clip type is snug, the phone wouldn't jiggle in the clip. But it dosent take much to pop the phone out of the clip. Its definitely not for the over protective types. I wouldn't use one again just because I got use to the security of a Nutshell case.
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    I am stationed overseas and own a TREO 600 and was in the market for some accessories. So I placed a order with Seidio. But Seidio cant/wont ship to my APO via USPS.
    Anyone know anyone who sells Seidio products and is APO shipping Freindly?
    Does anyone have the email or phone # to the Seidio company President?

    Shipping to a APO is just like mailing a christmas card.

    Thanks for your support

    Mike C
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    I dont have any answers to you questions, sorry.

    Can you email seidio and request the needed informaition for an overseas reseller?

    Or buy the products from a manufactures other than Seidio?

    Or (last case option maybe) have it sent to a friend in the states and have them send it to you overseas?
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