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    I need to reload my drivers, as something got screwed up somehow. The problem is is that Windows keep remembering something, as when I uninstall/reinstall it doesn't work. Does anyone know which INF files and whatever else I have to delete, as well as the registry keys? I'm very comfortable with all of this, I just haven't had the time to track down the individual components to blow away. I just need to get it to the point where I can start over with the palm stuff on the PC so I can hotsync once again. Any suggestions?
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    Handspring used to have a tool, and I think you can find it on the PalmOne site, that removes entries from the Registry. You could also go through the registry, searching for Palm, Handspring, etc. I did this a few times with my PC, when I thought there was an issue when it stopped recognizing my Treo (turns out the cable was bad).

    Or you could just call Microsoft, follow their steps, one of which typically includes reinstalling Windows... ;->

    Good luck!
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    I should have mentioned that I already tried the Handspring utility... It either doesn't get everything (likely since it is years old), or my USB driver stack is totally hosed (unlikely since everything else works...)
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    in regedit, under local computer, look in us robitics for more palm files
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    format c:.....LOL
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    Registry First Aid can help. Very useful tool in cleaning out the Registry and keeping XP running well.

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