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    Firstly thankyou to everyone for this great forum. Iíve been studying intently and have found answers to many questions including questions I would never have thought to ask, and there have been many laughs along the way.

    After reading many threads Iím just about to go and buy a treo650 as I feel confident I will be able to receive email from my work Groupwise account as well as synchronising with my home outlook.

    Iíve had a chance to touch a treo600 but not a 650 as yet. I originally fell in love with the keyboard on the Tungsten C which I was able to use very easily but the treo600 keys I found hard to press (I think itís because I tend to use my longish thumbnails). I can probably forego the nails for the sake of better technology but Iím curious to see if the keyboard on the treo 650 is any different/better than the 600. How does it compare with the feel of the Tungsten C?

    Thanks again

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    I don't know what the tungsten c feels like but I can tell you that the treo 650's keyboard blows the doors off the treo 600's.

    the 600's keyboard was okay to type with once you got used to it. but when you switch to the treo 650's, you feel a world of difference - typing is a breeze and is dramatically more efficient.

    you're going to love it.
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    same the keyboard!
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    Thanks guys, I appreciate you taking the time. That's exactly what I'd hoped to hear. I couldn't be more convinced.

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