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    I'm a sprint 650 owner.. I recently downloaded the trial version so see if liked it.. and I did.. I had one issue though.. I have the "always on" setting on.. and i have it to use SMS.. But it seems that I am spending alot of time sending/receiving data b/c the green arrows are there alot (maybe 50% of the time).. therefore i am missing alot of calls.. anyone else have this problem?

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    I don't have that problem. It could be VeriChat but maybe not. You can manually disconnect Vision when you're not using it to avoid missing calls. A lot of people with the same problem do that.
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    Do you have a CDMA phone? I have heard that this can be problem with Sprint/Verizon, in that data can prevent calls from getting through. Being a GSM user I haven't seen this behavior since GSM "pauses" data when calls occur. I understand that Verizon will support this with EVDO.
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    If you are in the Verichat application itself, it does spend a lot of time on the data network (green arrows) as I think it's updating the buddy list, etc.

    If you flip over to another application (phone, datebook, whatever) verichat gets a lot less chatty on the data network - you still might miss a call every once in a while, but it's rare.

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