Got Bluetooth sync working great, added PC as a trusted device. Patched to 1.21. See Dial Up Networking on Bluetooth directory, turn it on.

Following the instructions

I get error 721 from the typical dial screen - I even tried my medianet name and password, in addition to the WAP@CINGULARGPRS.COM (yes I realize it's case sensitive) which did not help. Should I see the phone dialing? The phone flips screens from "application list home" to the phone screen but I never see any dialing...the PC eventually gives up at "verifying user name and password."

When I read the pdf

it talks about a dialing string and an AGN number, which I do not know...and have searched far and wide for. I do have someone kind of alphanumeric code that Cingular sent to me that was in my messages but since I did a reset I can't find it. Do I need that?