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    Re: Sandisk part#SDSDH-2048-901 [2 Gig Ultra II SD Card]

    I just spoke with SanDisk technical support about Treo 650 availability and compatability of their 2 Gig SD Card. He said only a few were in the channel and then he "punted" regarding the SD Card compatibility. He said it was compatible with only certain hardware and that I should e-mail and ask "the engineers" directly if it worked with the Treo 650.

    Before e-mailing SanDisk has anyone:
    1) received this 2 Gig card
    2) confirmed that this card works with the Treo 650?
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    You should ask this in the SD card forum. There are several threads on this over there, and yes, they have received their Sandisk Ultra II 2GB cards and they work fine.

    Check towards the end of this thread.
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