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    I just installed Chatter Email yesterday after reading all the great things about it. So far I really like the program but I am having a number of problems.

    First off - why is my data connection nealy always active now? I've already missed a number of calls today when the phone was right next to me. I thought the whole point was that IMAP wouldn't requre a long or frequent data connection - most of these missed calls occured with I wasn't actively using or downloading any email. Oh and I am in my office where the phone has perfectly fine reception.

    Also - I think I read that the SMTP server for Gmail works in the beta version, correct? I can't get it to work on the full version I downloaded so will try the beta tonight.

    Thanks for the help!
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    Not sure about Gmail, but on the missed calls, a couple of possibilities:

    1) Are you using Sprint? B/c of the way Sprint (or CDMA generally) uses the network connection, it is tied up more often than a GSM phone.

    2) Do you have a lot of mailboxes online? More mailboxes online = more data usage = more missed calls.

    All that said, I've got 3 boxes on line on my Cingular 650 (and on my T-Mobile 600 before that). I don't know that I've ever missed a call (except maybe when Chatter is making an SSL connection).
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    spa_girl - What he said, pretty much...

    If those answers don't seem quite right, send me a log of 30 minutes activity (instructions in the faq at, and I'll tell you if there's a problem.

    Regarding gmail, it should work in both. Use as the server name and make sure you check SSL. Alternatively, I think, you can use just and check TLS.

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    Yes I'm on Sprint - I had to uninstall b/c I kept crashing this afternoon. I'll give it another shot over the weekend when I have some time. Thanks!
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    spa_girl - I suggest getting the latest beta (

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    OK I will try that one - thanks for the quick replies!
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    Hi Marc,

    I'm wondering if fixing the background SSL bugs is still on your radar? I noticed v1.05 final, and all the betas since, still seem to be unstable with background SSL enabled. Has this fix been postponed, or have you deemed it's not possible to fix?

    Thankfully, though, upgrading to the latest beta has solved a problem I was having where my Treo would reboot anytime Chatter was running in the background and I exitted Blazer after viewing a webpage. That's a rather complex scenario, but somehow, one of your bug fixes managed to take care of it. Thanks for your continued enhancements and improvements.
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    tonycpsu - Could you shoot me an email at, referencing your post?

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    You've got mail.
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    I'm trial'ing Chatter on my Treo 600 via T-Mobile, and when I was grabbing a mailbox with 15 items (IMAP) a bit ago and tried to call through, my call went to voicemail.

    Is the treo incapable of getting a call when GPRS data is being transferred? Or is this a chatter-unique problem?
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    The Treo is incapable of getting a call when GPRS data is being transferred; in my experience this is pretty uncommon (maybe 5% or so on average), but it will happen, whether it's Chatter or VersaMail or Blazer etc...

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    THAT explains it!! I'd just got my treo replaced by P1 yesterday, and it seemed fine, but I missed 2 calls today - thought the replacement was defective. Maybe it wasn't, I got a lot of emails today.

    BTW Marc, kudos to you, Chatter is great. I'm trying a account for a month before I decide what to do while I wait for my ISP to implement the idle feature, but I'm really impressed with the way I get my emails on my Treo before I get them on my desktop, sitting in front of my computer.

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