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    Is anyone else seeing: on behalf of Full Name []

    on emails sent with Chatter Email through SMTP on Sprint?

    I have used Eudora, Versamail, and Snappermail with Sprint’s SMTP and I have been able to make it “look” like it is coming from my office email address (I just want the last part from above):

    Full Name (

    Am I missing a setting? Why are the other products able to do this and not Chatter? I do not want anyone to see a difference between my emails from the phone (Chatter) and my office Outlook (other than plain text vs. rich text – which BTW, I hope a future release of Chatter will support).

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That shouldn't be coming from Chatter (it doesn't add any of that "on behalf of" stuff); maybe somebody can help out here!

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    I use Chatter with sprints SMTP.
    Never seen the "on behalf of".

    I just sent three emails to three different addresses.
    Still no "on behalf of".
    Sender was original address the email was sent from.
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    Though I'm currently having problems with my SMTP connecting, when it was working, I never had any "on behalf of". Maybe it has something to do with exchange settings from your email provider.

    I just put my name in the Display Name, and that's all that shows up in the subject line.
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    I will add a little more info...

    If I send an email to myself from Chatter via Sprint's SMTP, it will show up in my inbox in my office Outlook (IMAP server) with the following in the preview pane From field:

    First Last

    When I open the email it looks like this visually in the From field: on behalf of First Last []

    but when I copy paste to a text editor, it looks like this:; on behalf of; First Last []

    when I forward or reply, it looks like this in the body of the email: [] On Behalf Of

    In chatter email, it displays correctly:
    "First Last" <>

    Bizarre. I will set up a quick Versamail account and see if it does the same, but when I was using Versamail a few weeks ago it did not have this issue.
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    I think that Erik might be right.. (I should have known because I graduated from KU!!)

    I do see it.
    But I only see it after I respond to an email and Then the recipient responds BACK using reply.
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    Does it help to add a "reply-to" entry in the SMTP Profile?

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    I just created a POP and an IMAP Versamail account. It is showing the same problem... This is not a Chatter issue. Sprint must have changed the way they handle SMTP, because I swear this was not happening a few weeks ago. This is just an unfortunate coincidence: I switch to Chatter and at the same time Sprint changes their SMTP policies...

    Please, if someone out there with one of the other products can prove me wrong - I would love to find a work around. I do not want to have to pay for a fastmail account just to fix this minor issue.

    Sorry Marc - awesome product...

    p.s. I changed the "reply to" field in the SMTP profile and experience the same issue... but so does Versamail. Anyone want to check Eudora? Snappermail? Others?
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    Suggestion: Use a different smtp address, perhaps one supplied by your ISP. I do this, and have had no problems, i.e. Sprint is not restricting the smtp port.

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