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    From what I have read, this is the headset to get, great sound quality and caller ID.

    A few questions (my apologies if they have been answered already):

    1) It appears from pics I ahve seen that the LCD screen would not fit a whole number on the screen. Does it scroll or does the entire 10 digit number fit on the screen at once?

    2) Does the name pop up as well, or just the number?

    3) If you have the P1 voice dial program does it work with the 660?

    4) Does it have a call log/call list of missed/previously dialed numbers that you can call back?

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    1) It scrolls

    2) Just the number

    3) Not sure what you're asking here. If you're asking if you can voicedial over the bluetooth, NONE of the headsets (that I know of) currently can do this.

    4) Not that I know of.
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    Does anyone know how to stop the annoyingly loud beep before and after a call is picked up by the HBH-660? It was fine when I used the included earhook. But with the Jabra eargel in place, this headset is LOUD! I have both Treo650 and headset set all the way down.

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