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    Searched around but couldn't find any info on this...

    I use Chattermail with as my IMAP service. I have no problems receiving emails, but I can't seem to send them out. Chatter just hangs on either connect or send. I didn't have this problem before, until I tried to upgrade Chatter to the latest version. I couldn't get the new version to even receive emails. I uninstalled it, reinstalled the version I had before, and now I can't seem to get it to send emails out. Here is my smtp profile.

    Server -
    Login Name -
    Password - *assigned*
    Ret'n address - *assigned*
    Full Name - DCSIPE
    BCC - none
    Reply-to - *Assigned*
    Signature - dcsipe
    I have SSL checked as authentication, since that's what the reciving authentication has.

    Anyone using bluebottle? Any tips?

    I'd like to totally uninstall the version I have and try the new version again. Anyone have any steps on TOTALLY removing Chattermail so I can start fresh? (other than a hard reset).

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    Why don't you send me a log so we can see what's going on with sending (instructions in the FAQ here and on To completely uninstall, I'd use FileZ to delete everything with creator ZRK*, where * is any character. Before doing this, do a "Upgrade Chatter" from the menu.

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    Thanks Marc. Will email the log to you when I get home tonight and can hotsync.
    --> Me fail english? That's unpossible!! <--

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