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    Quote Originally Posted by godschoice
    Very Strange Issue discovered today. I downloaded the lastest 1SRC Podcast and loaded to my Treo 650. I plugged my adapter and Cassette Player Adapter into the treo to listen while driving into the office.

    The Voice Dial kept activating itself and wanting to dial numbers while Pocket Tunes played back the audio.
    I had this happen a few times with the previous version of Voice Dial but it wasn't a repetitive issue. I listen from my desk at work and sometimes, if I plugged in the adapter immediately after turning the 650 on, Voice Dial would activate. I could push any button to get out of Voice Dial and everything would be fine. That was the only circumstance under which the problem would occur. It hasn't been an issue with the updated Voice Dial.
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    The voice dial works great for me... I'm impressed with it's accuracy.
    Push of a button and say "Call Joe" she asks which number.. dialing... done.

    Although it lacks BT Dialing that's OK with me for now since I have the stereo headset in most of the time anyway, listening to mp3's with ptunes.
    Wish I could get mp3's to come on BT, then I would want BT Dialing much more than I do now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by lbottom
    Here is the process I'm talking about. 1.launch voice dial. 2.from voice dial call voice command. 3.successfully dial a phone number from your voice command phonebook. 4.Do all of the above while using a corded headset with the call button located on the cord. Throughout this process you will not touch the phone at all. If you are successful please explain it to me, but if you are not please refrain from saying that there is no app needed. Thanks for your help.
    I don't think anyone said that there is no application needed. Rather, there is no additional app needed besides VoiceSignal's VoiceDial application. It's pretty simple:

    1. Create a Contact (not a speed-dial button) with the phone number to the Sprint Voice-Command service. Call the contact "Voice Command". You can even put that in the Company field.

    2. Install VoiceSignal's VoiceDial application. Register it (i.e. PAY for it).

    3. With your corded headset, press the headset button. VoiceDial will ask for a command.

    4. Say "Call Voice Command". The Treo will then dial the Sprint number you entered into the "Voice Command" contact entry.

    5. When prompted by Sprint, recite the name of the party you want to call.

    This WILL work just fine...HOWEVER, it will NOT work, if you have an unlicensed copy of the VoiceDial application and let the trial period run out. If the trial has run out, you will only be able to voice dial by reciting digits. The "*" is not a digit that you can recite with the program, hence you cannot directly voice-dial Sprint's Voice-Command service, which has an asterisk in its number.

    Otherwise, it works just fine.

    Personally, I think it is rather redundant to do this sort of thing. The whole point of having a phone such as a Treo is to have all the contact information in the phone (which VoiceSignal's VoiceDial application can read directly). Why pay $5 a month to use an external voicedial service? I have over 1100 contacts in my phone and I can voice dial ANY of them with ease.

    As for using it with bluetooth, you CANNOT speak into your bluetooth headset and have the VoiceDial commands go to the VoiceDial application. Nor can you activate the VoiceDial application with your bluetooth headset.

    You CAN, however, press the side button (assuming you left it assigned to VoiceDial), speak into the Treo's mic to initiate the call, and then (IF the combination of your BT headset and Treo 650 properly handles the HANDS-FREE BT profile) the call will automatically transfer to your headset and you can operate from there.

    That's how it is. Like it or not.

    Potentially, it would seem to be possible for a bluetooth headset to WAKE UP the VoiceDial application (since the Treo, itself, wakes up when the headset's button is pushed), but the developers either haven't figured out how to do it, or the APIs for how to do it don't exist in the PalmOne implementation of bluetooth on the Treo.
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