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    Hi All,

    My 650 has no sound on calls only, both ear and speaker. People can hear me, but I can not hear anything. I have tried both hard and soft resets and no dice. What is strange is the other sounds work on the phone, ringing, key pressing, etc.

    The only new thing I have done is added a Palm Cradle, which I just got.

    Can anyone help me to get the sound back online?


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    That's a weird one. You sure it's not going to your Bluetooth headset laying on the desk nearby? The mic would pick up your voice, but you wouldn't hear squat.
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    Never used the BT on it. But double checked and BT is off.
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    If you did a Hard reset, and Before Hotsyncing you are still having the problem, then it is hardware related and you will need to repair/replace your Treo.
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    This has happend once before and a hard reset resolved it. This time it is not working. I dont think its hardware related because the other sounds are working fine. Since the ringer and keys work, at least the speakerphone should work. Also its a Verizonized phone so repair is out... :-(
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    Sprint phone converted for Verizon use
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    oh gotcha.

    If you have messed with your ROM then you are right, it isn't neccessarily a hardware prob. Unfortunately I gots no ideas tho... except asking other Verizonizers.
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    Well, what I had installed on the phone was the normal sprint rom updated to 1.08. Got home tonight and reflashed with Shadowmite's Rom3 and sound came back. Must have corrupted the rom somehow. I think this is related to the cradles in some way, but I have no clue what is happening. Nevertheless, it works again... Weird problem.
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    CONFIRMED The problem is with the Treo 650 cradle. Using it will corrupt your ROM disabling the sound. I am trying to verify what the sequence is that is causing it. I am not sure if it has something to do with putting it in silent mode when its in the cradle or not. Is anyone interested in this topic or should I just throw out my cradle and stop... ;-)

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