More specifically, I think you'd call it "really deep sleep" or perhaps a "coma".

I was having very odd problems with my 650 and using Chatter or Bob's Alarm. Using Chatter, it would seem to disconnect all of the time for no reason, and not reconnect until I turned the Treo on and start using it. Using Bob's Alarm, frequently the alarm would not sound until I turned on the Treo and started using it.

After some support from Bob, and a LOT of support (including custom monitors) we determined that, somehow, the Treo stopped sending the information that Chatter and Bob's Alarm relied upon do do their things properly. As I had reset and installed nothing but Chatter during this testing period, we determined that there HAD to be something wrong with my Treo, because it's not supposed to work that way.

Oh crap, says I, have to go to the Sprint store after work and see what they can do to determine that I do indeed have a problem, and perhaps do a warranty exchange. I removed my SD card, replaced the fake card thing, powered everything up, and came to work.

Chatter has worked properly ever since.

So, it's pretty obvious to me that there is some issue either with the SD card itself, or with the Treo's interface to the SD card. A friend is bringing me another card that I can format and play with, so we'll see after further testing what we can see.

If you're having some bizarre issues, try pulling your SD card and see if that changes things. You never know!

Tom (Sprint 650, 1.08, in case you need/want to know)