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    How does this push feature work? I use Snapper Enterprise to sync with my office IMAP server. Don't know if we have true push capability (Lotus Notes). Does this require an "always-on" internet connection? Does it interfere with the phone's ability to receive calls?

    Sorry if I am asking questions that have been answered, but the Chatter website does not have much of a FAQ and this forum does not explain it either (at least in the 3 screens of postings I reviewed).


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    Yes, I have to work on the FAQ section - it's hard to keep up with everything that needs to get done.

    Domino does NOT support the IMAP IDLE command, so push wouldn't be supported. Some folks have forwarded their mail to a push-capable service (like fastmail or fusemail), but that's not always possible from Notes systems, depending on how IT has it configured. It's also possible you can send an SMS to trigger a "QuickSync" in Chatter.

    Being "online" does tend to take more on-air time, so there would be more calls going to VM, but how many varies widely depending on usage (of course, Snapper and every other data-centric app will tie up the phone while using data). CDMA phones are far worse with losing calls to VM than GSM phones (perhaps 3-4x as much); on my TMO T-650 with 4 online Mailboxes, I doubt I miss 5% of calls to VM.

    Hope this helps.


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