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    Anyone notice speaker crackle with some video files and even with the sync tone (just a bit)? I'm worried this 'preowned' 650 has a partially damaged or blown speaker...
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    With some video files, yes I have had the same thing. It seems to be that the audio is set a little to loud for the speaker(?)

    But, what do you mean by "sync tone"? Are you refering to the soft 3 tone alert you get when hotsync is complete? If so, I would probably say your speaker is on its last legs.
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    I am also noticing this with speakerphone calls. I have to put the volume down to two or three bars from full in order to keep it from sounding overloaded or heavily distorted. Anyone?
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    same problem here. tried to get sprint to replace my phone to no avail. 600 bucks crackling speaker and they will not replace it.
    Also if I get a alert from an email message my speaker for the next 15-20 minutes sounds like it has an electrical problem and the speaker sounds funny for a while then goes away.
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    I was able to duplicate the sound issue on my phone. If you go into alerts in the email preferences click on alerts and then select system sound it will cause your speaker to make a high pitch noise (you can hardly hear it sounds like it is being amplified too much) after this happens for the next minute or two all the sounds on your phone will sound funny. almost tinny like it is being over driven. It will also crackle like voltage going through the speaker.

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