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    Hey guys, i just wanted to know if anyone else out here is having this same problem. When i dial a number, it's like everything freezes. I can't push anything to make it cancel out. And then after approx. 30 seconds (maybe a lil longer) i get a message saying that the Network couldn't connect the call. And it gives me an option to dismiss or redial.

    Has anyone else experienced this? And it's not an every other time thing. I mean i can dial a lot of numbers before it will do it, but i can tell when it is doing it b/c i CAN'T DO ANYTHING BUT WAIT!!! Can someone help me out with this?
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    Mine Does It Too. I Am Too Inpatient To Wait The 30 Sec So I Just Remove The Battery And Start Over
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    Oh wow!!! So Kevin - does it happen to you often or just once every blue moon?

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