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    Whenever I press fMML2.1 icon ( in Preferences category and in other subcategory), it causes soft reset of my Sprint Treo 650.

    I do not know what fMML2.1 is supposed to do ? But I'm curious. Does anybody know about it and why I get the soft-reset and any solution to that ?

    Thanks a lot in advance.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Never heard of it, and a Google search only turned up a couple of instances in German discussion threads. Perhaps "fMML" is German for "reset".

    Seriously though, since nobody answered the first time you asked, it would seem nobody knows. Your options would appear to be
    1. Ignore it
    2. Try to find and delete the module with FileZ or similar
    3. Hard reset and reinstall your apps one-by-one, watching to see when (if ever) it reappears
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    Do u have the same icon in Pref category and other subcategory next to Connection ?
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    Palm Pilot Personal -> Palm III -> Palm IIIx -> Visor Prism -> Clie TJ37 -> Treo 650 -> GSM Centro
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    me neither
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    Some setting may have been corrupted. You may want to try doing a hard reset.
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    I finally found the problem. Once I installed FunSMS, which was only supposed to work on GSM phones. I realised later. Then I uninstalled it. But some files were still left and was causing the problem.

    I have Zlauncher and Uninstall and still it is so difficult to clean the TREO from all the unwanted files if you do not like certain program.
    Treo, I love you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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