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    I have roughly a dozen saved Biz Conn. messages on my device that I'd like to save/archive. Problem is, I don't have access to the account to pull it off the web page (I had biz conn. personal edition set up at an old job, and forgot to archive before turning in the laptop).

    Is there anyway I can pull the messages off my 600? They aren't part of any file that's hotsynced, are they?

    I'd really like to get these off the device before I wipe out the data to set up my new Biz Conn. account.
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    Are you able to forward the messages to a different account?
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    Quote Originally Posted by eedwards
    Are you able to forward the messages to a different account?
    No, as mentioned, the biz connection account is "dead" because the PC it was set up from was a corporate laptop that's no longer connected, hence BCPE is no longer running and there's no forwarding capability...
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    Is there anyway to increase clipboard size? I may have found a partial workaround -- but it's not pretty and will be time consuming. I can copy the text if I first hit reply or forward, then I'm thinking I simply dump into the memo pad. Problem is, it seems even a short bit of highlighted text comes back with "clipboard exceeded." So it will be a long and sloppy process copying piece by piece...

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