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    I just bought UDMH, and noticed WarpSpeed on the site ("beta"), anyone
    try it yet? How does it compare to PXAClocker ?
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    Are you evaluating ?
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    Interesting Software.

    I thought I had read somewhere that the CPU of the T600s couldn't be overclocked. Also, the software claims to kill the sceen whine of the T600s - but I've never heard the screen whine...

    Any comments?

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    Interesting find.

    Swingstylez: I think the screen whine refers to to the light buzzing many hear in the earpiece while talking on the phone with the screen on.

    I also read everywhere that the 600's CPU could not be overclocked -- I guess that was based on known apps and people were not aware of warpSpeed. Very surprised to see the 600 as a supported device, as well as somewhat positive feedback on the site from a 600 user who tried it.

    I'd love for this to work but not brave enough to try it out yet myself. Maybe later today
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    Do we really need it? My 600 is snappy enough in "stock" form.
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    I checked out the site. The Treo 600 reviewer implied that it practically disabled the touchscreen, so I decided to wait. The current version is just a beta.
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