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    I was in Staples the other day looking at the laptops and this one laptop had an SD card reader built in. I thought "How awesome is that?" so i slipped my SD card right in and what happened?? OH CRAP! The insides of the demo computer were removed and my SD card disappeared into the case of the laptop. I madly shook the laptop shell and could hear it rattling inside. It took me almost 20 minutes of shaking and moving the laptop to get the edge of the card to come out the hole it fell in. Customers and employees were taking bets on whether I would get the card out, but finally I did and walked out quite a bit myffed. I guess I got my hand caught in the cookie jar on that one.

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    I lost my GIGABYTE card the other day.....not happy at all. I wanna cry now! At least I still have a 512 too. DANGITALL
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    I have also lost a 1GB card (darnit). I had bought it at Fry's and when I went into CompUSA they matched the price with a price reduction and a gift card for the rebate (just an FYI). Anyway, after I lost the card on my t600, I filed down the top of the card. When I bought my T650, I used the same card and it fit just fine, and the modification makes it really dificult to get out (I have to push on it with the stylus to get it out).
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    "Bottom line: The SD card slot should have a cover. That will also protect it from rain and debris."

    I bought a "Sena Cases - Palm Treo 650 MagnetFlipper Case" that has a dandy button-snap cover strap that holds the leather case to my Treo650. The strap is conveniently located right over the SD slot so I don't have to worry about the card popping out and losing it.
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    One should not need a case too provide this.. but I gree that a strap will help. However, it'll cover the IT port and the mute switch as well (unless carefully constructed).
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    Quote Originally Posted by aprasad
    However, it'll cover the IT port and the mute switch as well (unless carefully constructed).
    The strap on my PalmOne case is thin enough that it leaves the mute switch completely available and only partially covers the IR port. I seldom use IR, but when I do, it's easy to push the strap to one side or simply unsnap it momentarily if I'm having trouble establishing a connection.
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